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We remove waste, rubbish and unwanted items from commercial premises, construction sites and domestic houses and gardens. Our service includes a two man team who are insured and licensed to load the waste materials – from anywhere on the property – onto our trucks, sweep up after the job is complete and transport the waste to a registered transfer station.

We can remove any item as long as it can be lifted by two people. For example, but not limited to:

Furniture: beds, sofas, tables, chairs, armchairs, cabinets, wardrobes, computer desks

Appliances: cookers, washing machines, fridges, freezers, microwaves, tumble dryers, stereos, televisions, printers, fax machines, computers

Garages, Lofts and Cellars: tools, lawn mowers, boxes, clothes, books

Garden: shrubs, bushes, branches, mud, concrete, soil, turf, compost, garden furniture, sheds

Construction and Demolition: plaster, plasterboard, pallets, glass, concrete, packaging, metal

Roofing and Flooring: tiles, carpets, wood

We can’t collect certain hazardous materials such as paint cans, motor oils, chemicals, solvents, asbestos, medical or biological waste but your local authority can offer advice on how you should dispose of them. Certain items, which we can collect, are classified as hazardous waste because of the way in which they need to be disposed. These items include computer monitors, fridges and freezers. There is a supplement rate for these items because our disposal costs are higher.

We are not licensed or insured to carry certain materials. Your local authority can supply information on the licensed carriers of hazardous waste in your area.

We do all the loading and sweep up afterwards and generally it is cheaper!

We charge by weight or volume where as Skip Hire is charged on the size of the skip and not the amount of waste that is put into it. Skips can cause the added hassle and expense of having to apply for a skip permit in advance and you run the risk of fly tipping into the skip.

Of course we can, although you will have to arrange this with a charity shop in advance unless you prefer to donate to one of our agreed charities. For insurance reasons we cannot guarantee the condition of the items upon arrival.

Yes. Our employees are fully licensed and our trucks are fully insured including cover against any damage caused to a client’s property when removing waste from those premises.

No. We can only take items away. We are not insured or licensed to provide a removals service and our trucks are not designed for removals. However, we can move items from one room to another within the same property for a small additional charge.

We charge by volume – for example how much space has been taken up in the truck. However, if your materials are particularly heavy – for example, is it soil or rubble – we charge based on weight.

We ask you to give us as much notice as possible and, most of the time, we can complete your collection at the time most convenient to you. If you need a job completed urgently, we can often arrange a collection within 24 hours from your call.

Yes, Our rates are based on the amount and type of waste being removed. Please give us as much and as accurate information as possible about the waste you want removed so that we can quote you correctly. Upon arrival on site, our collections team will provide and obligation free quote, and they will only start work once you agree on the quote.

Yes. Please send your pictures to Our customer service team will call you back or email you to discuss your waste collection.

No, providing our teams can access the waste. Our team will call you with an exact quote and then process your card payment on completion. Our teams take photos before and after and we can send this to you on request.

We will try our best to service and accommodate your needs. Please ask us to organise an ‘out of hours collection’.

To allow for circumstances beyond our control, such as traffic, hold ups or collections that end up being larger than expected. Our truck team will contact you 20 – 30 minutes before their arrival to confirm the exact arrival time.

Our trucks can carry 16 cubic yards of waste. This is the same size as 4×4 yard skips or 2×8 yard skips.

Our teams use shovels, brooms, dust sheets, rubble bags, buckets, wheel barrows and a sack barrow as appropriate.

Yes. Our teams are supplied with safety boots and branded clothing. A spare set is always in the truck so they are clean and presentable for the next collection.

Most waste is recycled or reused. The items are sorted and disposed of in a way that is least damaging to the environment. We give items to charity shops, or it is taken to specialist recycling facilities.

Waste King offer the best value and range of skip hire services in the UK! We have a wide range of skip options, from different sizes and uses through to exceptional prices to help you save money.

We price very competitively, with skips ranging from as little as £129 for our smallest skip. We have a range of size options, meaning you can get a low cost skip for whatever job you need!

When filling a skip, the load must be level. So, to help you meet this requirement, you should choose a skip with a slightly larger capacity than you think the collected waste will require. We supply a wide range of sizes, so please refer to the table above to see which size would be most appropriate for your needs.

Skips come in various sizes both for domestic and industrial use. Roughly, one cubic yard is equivalent to one metric tonne (1,000 kilograms) of waste.

  • ‘Mini Skip’ – which will hold two cubic yards of materials. So it can hold up to two tonnes (2,000kg) of waste.
  • ‘Builder’s Skip’ – which will hold six cubic yards of materials. So it can hold up to six tonnes (6,000kg) of waste.
  • ‘Builder’s Skip’ – which will hold eight cubic yards of materials. So it can hold up to eight tonnes (8,000kg) of waste.
  • ‘Maxi Skip’– which will hold 12 cubic yards of materials. So it can hold up to eight tonnes (12,000kg) of waste.

When you hire a skip, the longer that the skip is your responsibility, the more money it’ll cost you. So you’ll want to make the whole exercise as short – and cost effective – as possible.

On average, most customers rent a skip for between seven and ten days – although this period can be extended.

It is easy to get in touch with us: either call us on 0370 343 9990 or email to discuss your requirements and receive your obligation free quote.

A grab lorry has an extendable arm that is perfect for picking up waste like construction, topsoil, hardcore. They are of great value.

The crane can reach over hedges and small walls and typically around 5-8 meters. 6 wheeler grab can reach about 5 meters and 8 wheel grab can reach 8meters.

Most grab lorries need 3.2 meters wide.

The majority of the collections we service are muck away, which is mainly soil and stone. We can also remove hardcore and bricks at a reduced rate. For green waste and mixed waste, we will need to quote. You can book online your grab service.

It depends on the materials we collect and also the size of the grab lorry. Soil and bricks/hardcore are cheaper than green waste and mixed waste. Depending on location in the country can also depend on price as disposal fees vary across the country.

Our grab hire has the ability to deliver aggregates within bags or loose.

Our sweepers cover nationwide. Some remote areas might take extra time to have a sweep.

You can book a sweep for an amount of time that suits you. Short term means you require a sweep for a day or a few hours at a construction site or a pub car park. Long-term means you need a sweep daily, and you can hire the sweeper for weeks or months.

All the sweepers can come with a qualified HGV driver Class 2, insured and licensed.

Yes, we would be happy to book a sweeper for you. You are welcome to book only 2 hours if you wish

In some areas, you are welcome to book 1 hour and the majority of regions are a minimum of 2 hours.

Yes, we charge a transport fee of £99, which includes the driver.

Yes, we can tip the on-site material free of charge.

We charge a part load that averages £170+VAT across the UK and a whole load averages £290 across the UK.

A road sweeper can remove tons of materials, and we dispose of this material at a licensed waste transfer station that charges by the ton. We pay £140+VAT per ton on average across the UK.

Depending on what site or event we would service once a week for construction site and for events or festivals we can service the toilet daily or multiple times during the day.

Majority of regions are on average £29+VAT per week and you can book online by searching your postcode

Majority of the depots offer a complementary hand sanitizer and toilet roll. Paper towels for drying hands are supplied as well but you must check with team.

You are welcome to book as many weeks as you need. You can extend the hire if you require although we must have notice in case the toilet is booked to go elsewhere.

Each toilet is recommended to use 7 people working a normal 40-hour week. If you have more people, you can hire more than one toilet.

The standard units are 4 ft square although some depots have larger toilets. Please inform us of access issues and allow enough space for the door to open and close.

Some toilets do have mains for lights although majority have translucent roof to allow as much light as needed. Allows speak to us if you need lights.

The chemicals used on the toilet are specially made. Please do not use other chemicals in the toilet.

We will clean and service the toilet. Do not try to attempt to do this yourself.

Ideally, we would prefer if a competent person was on site. Alternatively, we can deliver with no one on site.

Depending on what bin you have booked and can place general waste into a general wheelie bin. We can also deliver mixed recycling bins, glass euro bins and food waste wheelie bins.

We are very flexible with our agreements compared to others and we believe you need flexibility so we only ask for minimum 3 months.

You can increase your frequency and the change of day is communicated through the depot depending on the schedule.

We do offer a man and van service to clear excess waste and our drivers will help. Alternativity you can book a full site clearance.

Not all bins although you are welcome to buy your own lock or chain device.

It can take up to 6-10 working days to get the bins on site.

We have very generous weight allowance although if the bin is overweight our depot will charge by the kilo gram

Good news, we do not charge to deliver the containers.

Loose-fill asbestos
Often in fire doors or floor joists. Do not disturb this asbestos as it will go airborne. 
Asbestos cement products.
Asbestos cement is often used for shed roofs or garages. White in colour and corrugated sheets
Thermoplastic Floor tiles 
Floor tiles that do not match the blue, brown, or white colour can have asbestos backing. 

Asbestos is a natural fibrous rock and is categorised into three different types.
•    Crocidolite (blue Asbestos)
•    Amosite (brown colour)
•    Chrysotile (white Asbestos)
There are less common fibrous types and these are:
•    Anthophylite
•    Tremolite
•    Actinolite

When asbestos is not disturbed, you have a minimal health risk. Although if asbestos is disturbed or damaged, the asbestos releases airborne fibrous that can kill.

In majority of building built before year 2000. 

You will need to hire an asbestos-trained company to dispose of the asbestos. Visit for asbestos removal. All drivers must be ADR trained for fibrous, and our teams have this skill. 

If you come into contact with asbestos regularly, you must have asbestos awareness training. The employer must arrange this for you, and it is the or legal responsibility to ensure you have the correct training. A certificate will be provided once you have completed the training. 

It’s always best to have a professional asbestos survey to identify what type of asbestos it is. If the asbestos is disturbed or damaged, the best option will be to have it removed by a licensed removal contractor. 

Yes, we can remove as little as 5kg, and we can even wrap this for you or supply the materials to wrap asbestos yourself securely. 
How do you remove asbestos?
Once the asbestos is dismantled, we can securely wrap the asbestos for you or supply materials to wrap the asbestos yourself.

Yes, we supply most sizes, and the skip must be lockable

Yes, once the asbestos is dismantled, we can collect it via a trained driver. 

We are licensed to store asbestos in a secure lockable large-skip onsite. We then transport the asbestos to a registered asbestos transfer site. 

If you are the landlord of a commercial building built before 2000, you must have an asbestos register in place. If you are a homeowner, you do not have a legal duty to manage asbestos. 

If we cannot park or we have access issues, we may have issues removing the rubbish. If there are any health and safety issues, we can not remove the rubbish. We can offer a Waste bags collection that you can book online. 

We are insured to remove rubbish on your property and remove it from your loft, indoor and outside, including the garden. 

We cannot remove infectious waste, raw food like meat and fish, and chemicals. 

We can move small pianos, and in some regions, our teams are insured to break them up and dispose of them on site. We can recommend professional piano companies that remove large and heavy pianos. 

We take all types of non-hazardous waste. For example, plasterboard, builders, DIY waste, WEEE, furniture, wood, flooring, garden refuse, junk from the house and commercial waste.

We class dense types of waste like bricks, rubble, tiles, glass, soil as heavy materials. You can book a skip online alternately. 

We charge for fridges and aircon items, and they average £30 across the country, 
TV /monitors and laptops are £10 each 
Small Tyres £5
Mattresses, on average, are £10, but if we have extensive collections, we include some mattresses free as part of the collection. 

It is challenging to be exact, although the team is very generous on what they remove. The guide we have is two small domestic washing machines are one cubic yard which is 0.83m3. If you would prefer to load a waste bag or skip, you can book online. We welcome any pictures sent to us, and our team is happy to quote you. We have been estimating for 14 years and completed thousands of collections successfully, so you are in good hands. 

Some trucks have weighing scales on the vehicle and a guide to help you understand 1 yard of bulky waste is only 30-60 KG, and bricks can weigh 2KG. A rubble sack can weigh around 25KG. Alternatively, we can send you a weighbridge ticket once it is tipped at our waste transfer station. The scales are calibrated to industry standards. 

We aim to complete our jobs within 24 hours or same day. In some rural areas it may take longer to complete the collection. 

We have a fleet of different weight trucks. #Majority of the trucks are 3.5 ton Luton Box vans, and we also have 7.5-ton class 1 HGV vehicles for more extensive and heavier collections. Our most giant truck is 40 yards capacity and 18 ton Class 1 HGV.

Yes, we have collected rubbish on Sundays although this will occur an out of hours surcharge and we need time to organise a team. 

There are no hidden costs as we must communicate the charges to you. The most common charges for skips are listed below:

Over-filled skips ( not level load ) - You are responsible for making sure the skip is level load as you are hiring the skip container. If the skip is overfilled and unsafe to carry to the professional HGV driver may decide he can not remove the skip, and a wasted journey fee can be applied. It is a legal requirement that the load is safe to transport. 

Wasted journeys fee – When it is not our error that the skip can not be collected, we charge a fee to cover the time and fuel of the transport. We always try to avoid this as we have rented the skip to another customer, requiring the skip off-hire. The driver may not collect due to the skip being overloaded or the skip is obstructed or blocked. 

Skip permits and suspension – if the skip is on the public highway, we will need to apply for the license to place the skip on the road legally. Some areas, especially in cities with parking issues, require you to suspend a parking bay. This is a separate cost to a skip permit and can require an admin fee. We would recommend a man and van service to remove your rubbish as this permit fee can be expensive

The HGV driver commands a high wage, and the transport fuel can be expensive as the lorries usually are 18-ton trucks. The disposal of mixed materials can be £130+Vat per ton across the country.

We deliver many different types of sizes, from open and lockable. We even provide drop-down doors for those heavy materials in some areas. We even supply roll-on roll-off. Skips are identified through cubic yards or the name. The list is below:

2 yard skip Mini
4 yard skip Midi 
6 yard skip builders 
8 yard skip large builders
8 yard skip lockable 
10 yard skip 
10 yard skip lockable 
12 yard skip Maxi 
12 yard skip lockable 
14 yard skip 
14 yard skip lockable 
16 yard skip 
16 yard skip lockable
20 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)
35 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)
40 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)

Items are prohibited from skips: Unless we approve the item before the delivery. 
•    Food waste
•    Hazardous waste 
•    Asbestos
•    Chemicals 
•    plasterboard 
•    Fridges and freezers

As long as we have access and the skip is not obstructed, we can collect the skip without you being home, although we require you to be contactable. The skip must not be over filled, and we must have enough space to remove the skip safety.
If the pickup fails, a waste journey fee will apply. 

If you are placing a skip on private land such as a driveway, you will not need a permit. If the skip is going on the public highway or council land, you must apply for a permit. 

Yes. Some councils are maximum 8 cubic yard skip or builders skip and require lights on the skip. However, all councils are different.

The majority of councils allow the skip provider to arrange the permit. In the vast majority of areas inside the UK, the skip provider will organise this for you. There is a form to complete through the council.

Depending on the council, the times can vary, although most are 1-4 days.

You could be fined up to £1000. It is illegal to place a skip on the public highway without a permit. 

Cones can be used to guard skips, and lamps must be attached to the skips corners at night. 

Some areas, especially in cities with parking issues, require you to suspend a parking bay. This is a separate cost to skip permit and can require an admin fee. We would recommend a man and van service to remove your rubbish as this permit fee can be expensive. 

All sizes are on the online booking. 
1.2 cubic yard bag 1500kgs (1.5 ton ) 90cm x 90cm x 110cm
1.5 cubic yard bag 1500kgs (1.5 ton ) 180cm x 90cm x 70xm 
3.6 cubic yard bag 17500 kgs (1.750 ton ) 250cm x 130cm x 85xm
4.5 cubic yard bag 1500kgs (1.5 ton ) 210cm x 165cm x 100cm

The waste is measured in cubic yards. For example, a large armchair is around one cubic yard, and two small washing machines are one cubic yard. The recommended bag is the bag that is purchased most frequently.

Skip bags are perfect for household, garden, and builders' DIY waste. We can also dispose of plasterboard that is not contaminated. 
A list of items for the bag to home waste:
Light household 
Garden waste 
Green waste 
Paper and cardboard 
Carpet and flooring
Small domestic appliances 
Office waste 
Glass, bricks, tiles, soil, ceramics, hardcore ( only certain size bags can remove heavy materials and in certain areas for heavy materials) click on our online booking. 
What waste can not go into a skip bag?
Gas bottles 
Clinical waste 
Fluorescent tubes 
Fridges (incur a surcharge)
Mattresses (incur a surcharge)
Tyres (incur a surcharge)
Sharps /needles
Extensive tree roots /system
Human and animal waste
Offensive waste

You can pay in many ways. Our online booking accepted the majority of cards and even Google pay, Apple pay. Alternatively, you can pay over the phone with a customer services expert. Our accounts customers pay on 30 days invoice. You are welcome to buy the bag only and book and pay for the collection another day. Online booking is very flexible. 

You are welcome to keep the bag as long as you need and book your collection once it is full.

Unfortunately, the bag must be level load due to health and safety, although if you have more than planned, we can collect and only charge by the cubic yard. We charge £30, Including VAT per yard for light rubbish, and includes the labour of loading. 

All the prices are on our online booking. Simply type your postcode and the costs will be displayed. 
All Prices Include VAT
Small Bag 1.2 cubic yard Buy Bag £10.99 / Collection Only £135 / Bag and collect £139.99
Medium Bag 1.5 cubic yard Buy Bag £11.99 / Collection Only £129.99 / Bag and collect £139.99
Large Bag 3.6 cubic yard Buy Bag £19.99 / Collection Only £209 / Bag and collect £209
Extra Large Bag 4.5 cubic yard Buy Bag £19.99 / Collection Only £235 / Bag and collect £235

If the bag is overfilled and unsafe to carry, we will communicate that there is a surcharge. If the bag is placed 10 meters away or more, we charge £90 inc VAT a loading fee. Would you please try to keep the bag as close to the road as up to 10 meters? If you place waste next to the bag, we do charge by the cubic yard. We also charge for hazardous waste, which is detailed on our online booking.
Why are your bags cheaper than other companies?
We have a waste transfer station which allows us to dispose of materials more competitively. 

Always unfold the bags to make an ample space. Fold the sides of the bag out like a shirt collar, as this will keep it in place. Fill heavier items at the bottom and lighter at the top. Always make sure the lift straps are facing outside. 

The best place is private land and within a few meters from the road. We supply large HGV, which load or man and van service to clear with ease. 

We offer to grab hire, skip hire, and man and van hire. You can book all these services online 

Our fully mobile welfare unit can be used virtually anywhere – it provides comfortable space suitable for up to six people with toilet and heating facilities. Perfect for locations with no access to electricity, water or sanitation.

Our mobile welfare units can be delivered nationwide, or can be collected if required.

Waste King will manage the servicing of the onboard toilet, keeping it fresh with a weekly service.

The unit features a canteen area to suit up to six people, with a microwave oven and drinking water access.

Any waste from the garden, including soil, rubble and green waste.

You can have the garden waste bags for as long as you need to fill them, simply request a collection when you are ready.

Our garden waste bags come in a range of sizes, similar to skips.  For advice we recommend speaking to a member of our team who can help you to work out the right bag for your needs.

The price for skip hire usually includes delivery, collection, and disposal. So you don't have to worry about anything once you've filled up the skip with your waste. Just make sure to place it in a convenient spot for the driver to collect it.

You can put a variety of items in a general waste skip, including bricks. Some of the most popular items people put in skips are old furniture, appliances, and construction materials. However, you should avoid putting hazardous materials in your skip, as they can be harmful to both people and the environment. If you're unsure whether something can go in your skip, it's always best to check with us.

We issue Waste Transfer Notes for all of the sofas and settees we collect. These are delivered in a digital form immediately upon signing of the contract. We also save copies on our system for at least two years if you're ever called upon to show it in the future.

Thousands of sofa collection and recycling jobs are completed every year, accounting for 25 percent of our total workforce. We do thousands of sofa removal and recycling operations each year. We've done it many times before. We're adept at removing and recycling your sofas because we are one of the UK's largest in-house rubbish clearance businesses.

Over 95% of all garbage we remove is recycled. We run a sofa recycling program to ensure that our customers' used sofas are taken to local Waste Transfer Stations, which are designed to process the things we transport. In many areas of the country, including most major cities and towns, we can guarantee landfill diversion 100%.

We collect sofas from both inside and outside the home. We can also carry a sofa up from the second floor as long as it is safe to do so. A two-person crew will transport your sofas out of your premises and onto the truck, carefully handling them.

It is possible to deconstruct a sofa before removing it from the property as long as it is safe for you and will not harm your belongings. We are unable to remove a door from its frame or lower a sofa from a window owing to health and safety regulations.

If your sofa is in good shape and still has the fire labels on it, you may wish to inquire with a charity about collecting it for free. Not only will this help you save money, but it will also ensure that the sofa can be reused, which is far better than recycling.

We provide a nationwide sofa pick-up service, with the exception of Northern Ireland.

We can usually deliver your sofa the same day or the following day in most of the country. We can generally pick up and deliver your sofa the next day, including in major metropolises such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

We remove the sofa from within the home, including from the top floor. You don't have to get the sofa outside unless you want to use it.

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