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Our Skip Hire Service is UK nationwide, providing the ideal solution for your waste requirements. The majority of our skips are available to be offered on a next day delivery basis, with flexible removal options to work alongside your schedule.

Our Skip Prices start from as little as £165 +VAT (subject to size / location). You can book online which will guide you through a simple and straight forward process to have your skip delivered directly to your address.

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Book any of our services online today through our booking module. Secure online booking with next day deliveries available 24/7.


How does skip hire work?

Step by step guide on how to hire a skip…

Step 1

Call us

We discuss with you over the phone, via email or live chat your requirements. We’ll take note of your address (location), telephone and email address all to ensure that we select the right skip size for you.

Step 2

Price Sent

Depending on your requirements, 95% of the time we can provide you with a price over the telephone. However in certain circumstances, we may have to check schedules before we send across a written quote.

Step 3

Date Booked

If you’re happy to go ahead with the date, time and price quoted, we book you in to our calendar where a member of our team shall deliver the skip to your door on that day!

Step 4

Skip Delivered

Now it’s your turn to load that skip up with your waste and rubbish! Depending if you’ve agreed a date with us prior to booking, remember to call us up once you’re ready for us to pick the skip up!

Step 5

Skip Collected

We’ll arrange a day for us to visit you to pick up the skip from you with all your waste inside!

Step 6


And that’s it! Super easy, fast and efficient Skip Hire Service. We then environmentally friendly dispose of your waste in the most suited manner.

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Skip Hire Checklist

What size skip do you require? See our handy size guide below!

Contact Waste King Skip Hire! We are available by phone, email or via our online booking system.

Ensure your waste can be put in a skip: double check the likely contents will be suitable

Check your skip will fit in the space you want it to go in (we provide sizes in the table below)

See if you require a skip permit – more information can be found on this page

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Skip Hire Sizes

Skip Hire Services Near Me

Skips are available from 2 - 40 yards, starting from as little as £165.00 +VAT.


Concrete and hardcore


Hazardous materials

Timber and plastics.

Our skips are available for hire in multiple sizes including small mini 2 cubic yard skips to larger builders skips 8 cubic yards. A full range of cheap and affordable skips is available from 2-16 including roll on roll off 20 yards and 40 yards.

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6 Skip hire commercial

Skip Hire Prices & Sizes

How our skips measure up…

Size Measurements No. Bin Bags Ideal For
2 Cubic Yard Mini Skip Height 2’2″
Length 5′
Width 5′
Small house and garden clear-ups when there is too much waste to be conveniently taken in your car to the tip
4 Cubic Yard Midi Skip Height 3’2″
Length 6′
Width 4’3″
Kitchen or bathroom refurbishment and mixed builder’s type waste
6 Cubic Yard Midi Skip Height 4′
Length 8’6″
Width 5′
Bulky items and will hold a substantial amount of builder’s rubble, soil, stones and other construction waste. Popular with the building industry
8 Cubic Yard Medium Builders Skip Height 4′
Length 12′
Width 5’6″
Heavy construction waste or general domestic projects. This skip is also one of the most common skips used
10 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip (Large Builders) Height 4’11
Length 12’3″
Width 5’10”
House clear-outs and bulky waste such as sofas and wardrobes
12 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip (Large Builders) Height 5’6
Length 12’2
Width 5’10
Large building works or commercial waste. Great for large house clearance waste
14 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip (Large Builders) Height 5’11
Length 13’5
Width 5’9
Large scale office or home clearance with bulky waste such as furniture
16 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip (Large Builders) Height 6’7
Length 14’1
Width 5’9
Large house clearances with bulky waste such as furniture and large amounts of light construction waste such as wood, metal or plastics
20 Cubic Yard Roll on Roll Off Container Height 4’3
Length 20’
Width 7’9
Usually for trade use; ideal for very large shop fitter jobs, large amounts of light construction waste

Additional Skip Hire Details

Skip permits are required by law, if you want to place a skip on any public road or pavement. A skip permit is sometimes called a skip licence, but are the same thing. If you do fail to get a permit then your skip can be removed before you have filled it and you are likely to be fined. You do not need a permit if you put want to put your skip on private land, such as your driveway or field.

Contact the council

Skip permits are issued by councils not your skip hire company. The majority of councils allow your skip hire company to apply for a permit on your behalf although a few may require you to order it direct, we will be able to advise you on this. On average it can take 3 or 4 days to arrange a permit, so if you are hiring a skip for the road, remember to allow some extra time for this when planning your waste removal. If you do not have the time to wait for a permit, you may wish to contact us about our man and van teams for fast waste removal.

Prices vary across the UK

Charges for skip permits do vary according to your location in the UK and the length of time you need to have your skip on the road. Councils normally issue them for one to two weeks and then this can be extended, obviously for an additional charge. The average cost of a skip license is normally around £27. You may find that your skip hire company adds a little on to there costs in organising the permit on your behalf, remember you can always organise this yourself.

Parking suspension fees for skips

You may also need a parking suspension if your skip is to be placed in a controlled parking zone (CPZ), such as in a residents parking bay or metered parking area, then unfortunately you will need to pay parking bay suspension fees on top of your skip hire and permit fees. These vary dramatically from council to council. In some parts of London for example, they can be as much as £70 per day, but others can be completely free of charge.

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FEL & REL Skip Hire

Great value Front end loader (FEL) or Rear end loader (REL) hire

Efficiently manage your business waste with cost-effective solutions from Waste King. Our FEL and REL skips are designed to handle bulk waste on commercial properties, providing a strong and durable storage option. We offer a wide range of REL and FEL skips suitable for all types of businesses.

At Waste King, we are a leading provider of comprehensive waste management solutions. Our FEL Bins are compact and robust containers specifically designed for sites that generate large amounts of waste. They can accommodate diverse waste types, while their space-saving design ensures structural integrity and prevents unauthorized access. For sites with substantial waste volumes, our REL Skips offer increased capacity, ensuring secure containment and efficient waste management.

Choose Waste King for reliable waste management solutions tailored to your business needs. We will supply the appropriate size skip based on your waste calculations for weekly or monthly collection. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our FEL and REL skips in effectively managing your business waste.

  • Free consultation on your recycling needs.
  • FEL / REL will help increase recycling and decrease cost.
  • Long-term or short-term hire
  • Lockable and static steel bins with an easily operated lid
  • Dedicated one-stop account manager. No more on hold!
  • If you have large volumes of waste on a regular basis, we can supply waste compaction equipment to reduce your costs further.
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Skip hire FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Waste King offer the best value and range of skip hire services in the UK! We have a wide range of skip options, from different sizes and uses through to exceptional prices to help you save money.

We price very competitively, with skips ranging from as little as £129 for our smallest skip. We have a range of size options, meaning you can get a low cost skip for whatever job you need!

When filling a skip, the load must be level. So, to help you meet this requirement, you should choose a skip with a slightly larger capacity than you think the collected waste will require. We supply a wide range of sizes, so please refer to the table above to see which size would be most appropriate for your needs.

Skips come in various sizes both for domestic and industrial use. Roughly, one cubic yard is equivalent to one metric tonne (1,000 kilograms) of waste.

  • ‘Mini Skip’ – which will hold two cubic yards of materials. So it can hold up to two tonnes (2,000kg) of waste.
  • ‘Builder’s Skip’ – which will hold six cubic yards of materials. So it can hold up to six tonnes (6,000kg) of waste.
  • ‘Builder’s Skip’ – which will hold eight cubic yards of materials. So it can hold up to eight tonnes (8,000kg) of waste.
  • ‘Maxi Skip’– which will hold 12 cubic yards of materials. So it can hold up to eight tonnes (12,000kg) of waste.

When you hire a skip, the longer that the skip is your responsibility, the more money it’ll cost you. So you’ll want to make the whole exercise as short – and cost effective – as possible.

On average, most customers rent a skip for between seven and ten days – although this period can be extended.

It is easy to get in touch with us: either call us on 0370 343 9990 or email info@wasteking.co.uk to discuss your requirements and receive your obligation free quote.

There are no hidden costs as we must communicate the charges to you. The most common charges for skips are listed below:

Over-filled skips ( not level load ) - You are responsible for making sure the skip is level load as you are hiring the skip container. If the skip is overfilled and unsafe to carry to the professional HGV driver may decide he can not remove the skip, and a wasted journey fee can be applied. It is a legal requirement that the load is safe to transport. 

Wasted journeys fee – When it is not our error that the skip can not be collected, we charge a fee to cover the time and fuel of the transport. We always try to avoid this as we have rented the skip to another customer, requiring the skip off-hire. The driver may not collect due to the skip being overloaded or the skip is obstructed or blocked. 

Skip permits and suspension – if the skip is on the public highway, we will need to apply for the license to place the skip on the road legally. Some areas, especially in cities with parking issues, require you to suspend a parking bay. This is a separate cost to a skip permit and can require an admin fee. We would recommend a man and van service to remove your rubbish as this permit fee can be expensive

The HGV driver commands a high wage, and the transport fuel can be expensive as the lorries usually are 18-ton trucks. The disposal of mixed materials can be £130+Vat per ton across the country.

We deliver many different types of sizes, from open and lockable. We even provide drop-down doors for those heavy materials in some areas. We even supply roll-on roll-off. Skips are identified through cubic yards or the name. The list is below:

2 yard skip Mini
4 yard skip Midi 
6 yard skip builders 
8 yard skip large builders
8 yard skip lockable 
10 yard skip 
10 yard skip lockable 
12 yard skip Maxi 
12 yard skip lockable 
14 yard skip 
14 yard skip lockable 
16 yard skip 
16 yard skip lockable
20 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)
35 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)
40 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)

Items are prohibited from skips: Unless we approve the item before the delivery. 
•    Food waste
•    Hazardous waste 
•    Asbestos
•    Chemicals 
•    plasterboard 
•    Fridges and freezers

As long as we have access and the skip is not obstructed, we can collect the skip without you being home, although we require you to be contactable. The skip must not be over filled, and we must have enough space to remove the skip safety.
If the pickup fails, a waste journey fee will apply. 

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