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With Waste King, Plasterboard collections couldn’t be easier; from single cuts of plasterboard to entire truckloads, our two man teams will free up your time and make your clearance easy.Plasterboard waste disposal

No matter where the plasterboard is located, we are insured to remove it from anywhere on the property and we will dispose of it at a registered transfer station. And we will sweep-up and make sure that everything is tidy before we go.


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Plasterboard Collection Details

Plasterboard collections Nationwide

Our rates for plasterboard clearances include our generous free labour allowances and the loading of the items. Moreover, we dispose of the waste legally and ethically. You can be assured that we will turn up when we say we will and our professional team are fully trained, uniformed and courteous and they will be equipped with the correct tools to do the job efficiently and effectively.

Did you know?

Since 1 April 2009, European Legislation prohibits plasterboard from being landfilled with general waste. This means that any plasterboard must be re-used, disposed of at a specialist plasterboard recycling facility, or landfilled separately. All plasterboard collected by Waste King is disposed of at specialist plasterboard recycling facilities throughout the UK and a full audit trail is available upon request.

We are fully committed to making sure we offer all our customers the best plasterboard removal prices together with our high level of customer service. We aim to give you a competitive quote and make sure all your plasterboard is collected with the minimum amount of disruption.

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Plasterboard Disposal For Businesses

Reliable Plasterboard Disposal

As a business that generates a significant volume of plasterboard waste, it is important to handle this waste stream responsibly to avoid potential fines from the Environment Agency. Waste King, a licensed waste carrier authorised to collect plasterboard waste, provides a quick and efficient collection service for businesses producing gypsum waste. Our service is designed to be cost-effective and provide reassurance that your plasterboard waste will be collected and processed in an effective and environmentally responsible manner.

If you generate significant amounts of plasterboard waste from commercial projects, contact Waste King to learn more about our services and any discounts available for larger volumes of waste. Proper disposal of plasterboard waste is essential to ensure compliance with regulations and promote environmental responsibility. Trusting a licensed waste carrier like Waste King can help your business stay in compliance with regulations and avoid potential fines.

Skip Bags For Plasterboard Recycling

An Alternative Solution For The Removal Of Plasterboard

If you're wondering whether you can dispose of plasterboard waste using a Waste King Skip Bag, the answer is yes. However, it's important to ensure that the plasterboard is kept clean and segregated from other waste by bagging or wrapping it. Mixing plasterboard with other waste is not recommended, as it degrades into powder, making it challenging to separate during the waste recovery process. Waste King can only collect bags that contain plasterboard waste that is kept separate from other waste materials.

Waste King's plasterboard recycling service allows for the collection and recycling of various gypsum-based products, including plasterboard, gypsum fiberboard, cove, gypsum-based ceiling tiles, Glasroc, and Artex decorative plaster moldings. Waste King Skip Bags are designed to make it easy for you to dispose of gypsum-based materials in compliance with the Environment Agency regulations while being assured that 100% of the recovered gypsum will be recycled.

Using Waste King Skip Bags to dispose of your gypsum-based waste is an environmentally responsible choice that helps your business comply with regulations and avoid potential fines. Contact Waste King to learn more about our Skip Bag service for plasterboard waste recycling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We remove waste, rubbish and unwanted items from commercial premises, construction sites and domestic houses and gardens. Our service includes a two man team who are insured and licensed to load the waste materials – from anywhere on the property – onto our trucks, sweep up after the job is complete and transport the waste to a registered transfer station.

We charge by weight or volume where as Skip Hire is charged on the size of the skip and not the amount of waste that is put into it. Skips can cause the added hassle and expense of having to apply for a skip permit in advance and you run the risk of fly tipping into the skip.

We charge by volume – for example how much space has been taken up in the truck. However, if your materials are particularly heavy – for example, is it soil or rubble – we charge based on weight.

Yes. Our teams are supplied with safety boots and branded clothing. A spare set is always in the truck so they are clean and presentable for the next collection.

Most waste is recycled or reused. The items are sorted and disposed of in a way that is least damaging to the environment. We give items to charity shops, or it is taken to specialist recycling facilities.

Although plasterboard is not classified as hazardous waste, it is prohibited from being disposed of in general waste landfill sites across the UK. Plasterboard contains gypsum, which can react with other waste materials in landfills to create a toxic hydrogen ide gas, making it a potential risk to the environment and human health.

To prevent this from happening, it is recommended that gypsum materials, such as plasterboard, be segregated from general waste and disposed of safely. The ideal way to dispose of plasterboard waste is through recycling, where the gypsum is separated and repurposed for new products or used as a raw material for other industries. Proper disposal of plasterboard waste helps to minimize environmental impacts and promotes sustainable waste management practices.

If you need to dispose of plasterboard waste, many local household waste recycling centers may be able to accept it. However, it's important to check with them beforehand, as there may be restrictions or charges in place.

To ensure proper disposal of plasterboard waste, it is recommended to separate it from general waste and dispose of it separately. This helps to prevent contamination and supports the recycling process.

If you prefer not to transport the plasterboard waste to a recycling center yourself, you can also hire a licensed waste disposal company. These companies are authorised to collect and dispose of plasterboard waste in an environmentally responsible manner. Hiring a licensed waste disposal company to collect your plasterboard waste provides the assurance that it will be disposed of safely and in compliance with regulations.

Burning plasterboard waste is not recommended, as it can lead to the release of harmful particles and toxic fumes into the air. This can result in thick, odorous smoke that may travel across roads, leading to potential accidents.

To avoid these risks, it's essential to dispose of plasterboard waste safely. One option is to take it to a household waste recycling center, where it can be processed and recycled in a responsible manner. Alternatively, you can arrange for a licensed waste carrier to collect the plasterboard waste from your site and transport it to a recycling center.

Proper disposal of plasterboard waste helps to minimise environmental impacts and promotes sustainable waste management practices. It is crucial to avoid burning any household waste, including plasterboard, to protect the environment and public health.

Placing plasterboard waste in a skip is not allowed as it is prohibited from being disposed of in landfill sites across the UK. Any skip hire company will refuse to accept plasterboard waste due to this restriction.

When mixed with biodegradable waste, the gypsum present in plasterboard can produce toxic hydrogen sulfide gas, which can be hazardous to human health and the environment.

Improper disposal of plasterboard waste can have severe consequences, making it crucial to avoid placing it in a skip. Instead, it is recommended to segregate plasterboard waste from other waste materials and dispose of it properly through recycling or a licensed waste disposal service. Proper disposal of plasterboard waste helps to minimise environmental impacts, promotes sustainable waste management practices, and supports compliance with regulations.

Gypsum is a mineral commonly used in fertilizers and compost products. Gypsum from plasterboard can also be recycled and used in composting. However, painted or coated plasterboard is not suitable for composting.

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