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We supply wheeled bins – sometimes known as Euro-bins or even ‘wheelies’ – to commercial operations. Residential homes can also benefit from this service if they have difficulties recycling their rubbish.

Waste King will supply the appropriate size bin for you – based on calculating your waste on weekly or monthly collection.

All Waste King bins are made to the European standards (EN840); are heat, cold and chemically resistant – and, and since most of them are of the Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) type, they can dramatically help you increase the amount of waste that is recycled rather than going to landfill

If you require a long term or short term wheelie bin rental to move your materials on a construction project or even a festival, call our friendly staff to book your delivery. We can deliver all sizes from 240litre to 1100litre anywhere on site.


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Hygienic and efficient disposal of Business waste

You can easily keep and manage bulk waste on your commercial property with a Euro bin from Waste King thanks to its durable construction.

This bulk rubbish container, which comes in capacities of 240, 660, and 1,100 liters, is incredibly adaptable and can be used by businesses of all sizes. It is also ideal for storing all kinds of waste, from general business waste to nappies and sanitary products, due to its strong, durable construction.

The Euro bin bulk waste container is also a great foraging deterrent because it has a lockable lid that is secured by a universal bin key. With a Euro bin from Waste King, you can easily keep and control bulk waste on your property thanks to its sturdy and durable construction.

Large Wheelie Bins

Our large wheelie bins are perfect if you need a bin with a large capacity. Unsuitable for glass or hazardous waste, this larger volume bin is made to gather and discard general waste, dry mixed recycling, single waste stream recycling (paper, card, and plastic), and compactable industrial and commercial waste.

Our big wheelie bins are perfect if you need a commercial bin with a large volume. Our bins are ideal for a variety of different business types because they can hold general waste, recycling, compactable industrial waste, commercial waste, and much more.

Our commercial wheelie bins are built to hold a lot of waste and to be simple to use and run. The distinctive red containers feature lockable lids and castors in each of their four corners. Those casters have additional brake control build so that you can move the bin around with ease.

No matter what waste your business has or the type of business you operate, our large waste containers can gather and get rid of the following wastes:

  • General waste
  • Dry Mixed Recycling
  • Single waste stream recycling (Paper, Card & Plastic)
  • Compactable industrial waste
  • Compactable commercial waste

Our Euro Bin Sizes

How our bins measure up…

Size Measurements Ideal For
Refuse Sacks 150 Litre
Refuse Sack
For small amounts of waste, you should consider using 150 litre refuse sacks.
These can be standard black bags for general waste or different bags, which are suitable for recyclable waste.
Waste Boxes Mini Height 0.37 meters
Width 0.60 meters
Depth 0.40 meters
Wherever there is a need to store and then dispose of up to 30kg of ‘mixed hazardous waste’, you should consider using one of these containers. They will store such things as batteries, aerosols, oils and paints, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and even WEEE electrical goods.
wk-2wheel-240-bin 240 Wheelie Bin Height 1.07 meters
Width 0.60 meters
Depth 0.75 meters′
An option for those with relatively small amounts of waste is the 240 litre ‘wheelie’ bin. The bin can take general waste, including food waste and glass –but not hazardous waste.
360 Wheelie Bin Height 1.09 meters
Width 0.57 meters
Depth 0.94 meters

Slightly larger than the ‘240’, the 360 litre bin copes well with relatively small amounts of general waste, including food waste and glass – but not hazardous waste.
wk-660-l-wheelie-bin 660 Wheelie Bin Height 1.20 meters
Width 1.37 meters
Depth 0.78 meters
This 660 litre steel or polymer wheelie bin copes with any type of waste except hazardous waste. You can use it for general waste or you can designate one of these bins to be solely for one type of waste – such as plastic or paper.
This will increase the amount of your waste that can be recycled rather than sent to landfill.
wk-wheeliebin-1100 1100 Wheelie Bin Height 1.34 meters
Width 1.2 meters
Depth 0.70 meters
This 1100 litre – lockable – bin is adapted to cope well with storing all types of waste (except hazardous waste) between weekly or fortnightly collections. Waste King’s customer service department can time these collections to suit your needs.
FEL_8-yd Front End Loader (FEL) Height 2.10 meters
Width 1.8 meters
Depth 1.8 meters
These lockable steel unit bins are static containers (without wheels).
They can only be moved safely via lifting equipment. The bins are intended for organisations that generate a large amount of waste. However, they can’t be used to store hazardous waste or glass.
Skip Open Top Height 1.25 meters
Width 1.84 meters
Depth 3.28 meters
The ‘Skip Open Top’ will store a wide range of things but not hazardous materials.
Skip Close Top lockable Height 2.26 meters
Width 1.84 meters
Depth 4.2 meters
The ‘Skip Close Top Lockable’ will store – and enable to be recycled – materials including dry and inert materials, construction waste and contaminated soils.
40yds_cont_open-png Bulk 40 yard container Height 2.26 meters
Width 1.84 meters
Depth 4.2 meters
The ‘Bulk 40 Yard Container’ – in its ‘open’ and ‘closed’ versions – offers another waste collection option which is especially suited to large amounts of waste.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most waste is recycled or reused. The items are sorted and disposed of in a way that is least damaging to the environment. We give items to charity shops, or it is taken to specialist recycling facilities.

Depending on what bin you have booked and can place general waste into a general wheelie bin. We can also deliver mixed recycling bins, glass euro bins and food waste wheelie bins.

We are very flexible with our agreements compared to others and we believe you need flexibility so we only ask for minimum 3 months.

You can increase your frequency and the change of day is communicated through the depot depending on the schedule.

We do offer a man and van service to clear excess waste and our drivers will help. Alternativity you can book a full site clearance.

Not all bins although you are welcome to buy your own lock or chain device.

It can take up to 6-10 working days to get the bins on site.

We have very generous weight allowance although if the bin is overweight our depot will charge by the kilo gram

Good news, we do not charge to deliver the containers.

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