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The mercury powder is distilled on-site. The appropriate programme is selected and the distillation process begins. A vacuum is applied to the unit. The after-combustion chamber and process chamber are then electronically heated. Any organic content in the resulting vapour is oxidised in the after-combustion chamber and the mercury vapour is condensed, in a condenser, which is cooled by a chilled glycol refrigeration unit. The condensed mercury is removed from the collection chamber and stored before being despatched as a product.


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The Bulb Recycling Details

Bulb Recycling within the UK

The nine-step Bulb Recycling process is:

A specially designed container is delivered for the safe collection and storage of spent lamps.

The container with the spent lamps is collected and brought back to Waste Kings site for sorting, prior to being recycled.

The container is placed in the site storage area to await processing.

Waste King loads the lamps onto racked trolleys for processing in the crush and separation plant.

The plant separates them into soda lime glass, aluminium end caps, lead glass/ferrous metal components and phosphor powder.

The crush and sieve plant operates at sub-pressure, thereby preventing mercury from being released into the environment as exhaust air.

The entire crush and separation plant is incorporated in a container in which a conveyor feeds the tubes to a hammer mill. The glass and metal parts are then crushed further and air-conveyed to a second separation tower.

Glass resulting from the sieving operation is crushed further and air-conveyed through a third separation tower. The glass fragments, removed by the third separation tower, are fed to a rotary drum-feeder and transferred to a discharge conveyor to transfer the by-product out of the processing unit.

The air stream that has passed through the separation towers contains phosphor powder. This air stream passes through a cyclone, where the powder is collected in a distiller barrel, and then passes through two dust filters, where the remaining dust is removed and deposited in distiller barrels.

Recovered glass, aluminium and metals are sent to other companies for use as raw materials or far further processing.

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We remove waste, rubbish and unwanted items from commercial premises, construction sites and domestic houses and gardens. Our service includes a two man team who are insured and licensed to load the waste materials – from anywhere on the property – onto our trucks, sweep up after the job is complete and transport the waste to a registered transfer station.

We do all the loading and sweep up afterwards and generally it is cheaper!

We charge by weight or volume where as Skip Hire is charged on the size of the skip and not the amount of waste that is put into it. Skips can cause the added hassle and expense of having to apply for a skip permit in advance and you run the risk of fly tipping into the skip.

Yes. Our employees are fully licensed and our trucks are fully insured including cover against any damage caused to a client’s property when removing waste from those premises.

Yes. Our teams are supplied with safety boots and branded clothing. A spare set is always in the truck so they are clean and presentable for the next collection.

Most waste is recycled or reused. The items are sorted and disposed of in a way that is least damaging to the environment. We give items to charity shops, or it is taken to specialist recycling facilities.

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