The holiday season is upon us, and while you may be busy decorating the office and planning the annual Christmas party, it’s essential not to overlook the management of your business’s waste. The period from December through early January often sees a significant increase in waste production for most companies. To ensure a smooth and eco-friendly holiday season, let’s explore some comprehensive strategies for handling your commercial waste during this festive time.

Reduce Your Commercial Christmas Waste

As the holiday season approaches, businesses tend to stock up on goods, which often leads to excess waste in the new year. To mitigate this, consider conducting a comprehensive waste audit based on your previous years’ orders and waste generation. This will provide you with a more accurate estimate of how much food, packaging, products, or other items you should order.

  • Conduct a Thorough Waste Audit: Analyze data from previous years to make informed decisions.
  • Consolidate Orders: If possible, order products or items from the same supplier in a single shipment to minimise packaging waste and reduce fuel consumption during deliveries.
  • Plan for Leftovers: Anticipate what to do with leftovers to prevent them from occupying valuable space in your general waste bins.

Adjust Waste Collection Dates

If your business plans to close during the holiday season, it’s crucial to adjust your waste collection schedule accordingly. Leaving waste unattended for an extended period can result in unpleasant odors and unsightly accumulations.

  • Holiday Closure Plan: If your business will be closed for several days, consider rescheduling waste collection dates to ensure regular pickups.
  • Separate Dry and Perishable Waste: While dry waste such as cardboard, paper, and metal can remain in secure bins, ensure that perishable waste, especially food, is removed before closing to maintain a clean and odor-free environment.

Procure Additional (Festive) Bins

The holiday season typically means more celebrations, which in turn lead to increased waste production. This surge in waste can include extra wrappers from indulgent office snacks and additional cardboard from holiday gift deliveries.

  • Analyze Past Data: Review data from your previous festive seasons to estimate how much extra waste you are likely to generate.
  • Order Extra or Larger Bins: Based on your estimation, consider ordering more bins, larger bins, or increasing collection frequencies for a few weeks to accommodate the additional waste.

Opt for Online Waste Collection Arrangements

Preventing contamination in your waste is crucial for efficient recycling and disposal. Throwing extra rubbish into the general waste bin can lead to contamination, potentially resulting in higher landfill costs.

  • Recycle and Reuse: Strive to recycle or reuse as many seasonal items as possible. Arrange for the delivery of appropriate bins to separate recyclables.
  • Reduce Landfill Costs: Proper recycling not only benefits the environment but also helps your business save money by reducing landfill tax expenses.

Sustainable Disposal of Your Office Christmas Tree

Many businesses decorate their offices, restaurants, and shops with Christmas trees, creating a festive atmosphere. However, disposing of these trees after the holidays requires a sustainable approach.

  • Artificial Trees: If you’ve put up an artificial Christmas tree and have sufficient storage space, consider keeping it for future use. Alternatively, donate it to a charity shop, where it can find a new home for the next Christmas season.
  • Real Trees: For real trees used as decorations, opt for replanting or recycling. Before disposal, ensure all ornaments, baubles, tinsel, and decorations are removed.

Plan a Low-Waste Christmas Party

Hosting a Christmas party on your premises can generate a significant amount of waste. However, with careful planning, you can minimise waste and its environmental impact.

  • Increase Bin Capacity: Prepare for the party by ensuring you have enough bins and appropriate types of bins on hand.
  • Post-Party Cleanup: Schedule a waste collection for the day after the party to promptly remove all waste, including glass, food, and general waste.

Waste Management Solutions from Waste King

While Santa may bring gifts during the holiday season, he won’t take care of your office’s waste management needs. That’s where Waste King steps in. We specialise in arranging waste collections tailored to your specific requirements, regardless of your industry or the type of waste you need to dispose of.

Our services include providing free bins to businesses nationwide, with costs incurred only for waste collection. Moreover, we adhere to a zero landfill policy, prioritising recycling to reduce your expenses and promote environmentally responsible practices.

Let Waste King be your partner in efficient and sustainable waste management this holiday season. Contact us today to ensure a green and eco-friendly end to your year.

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