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Waste King is the skip hire company to call if you require rubbish removing from your home, office or builder site. We offer a great low cost skip hire service that delivers on time; we are there when you need us. We take care of all the necessary paperwork that applies to waste management, including permits, site audits and we provide free professional advice. Our skip hire service covers our local areas in Hertfordshire and Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire as well as the rest of the UK.

At Waste King we provide waste management and recycling services to the domestic and commercial market. The array of services and experience we offer helps provide businesses of all sizes with the cost effective solution to their waste management.

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Skip Hire Checklist

  • What size skip do you require? See our handy size guide below!

  • Contact Waste King Skip Hire! We are available by phone, email or via our online booking system.

  • Ensure your waste can be put in a skip: double check the likely contents will be suitable

  • Check your skip will fit in the space you want it to go in (we provide sizes in the table below)

  • See if you require a skip permit – more information can be found on this page

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Skip Hire Prices & Sizes

Affordable, reliable and large selection of Skip Hire Sizes & Prices…

Here at Waste King, we have a wide range of skip sizes to choose from. Skips are measured in cubic yards. To give you a visual idea of sizes, one cubic yard is approximately the size of two washing machines.  We offer different sizes to suit different jobs and needs. Suitable skips are available for:

  • Brick
  • Concrete and hardcore
  • Metals
  • Hazardous materials
  • Timber and plastics.

Our skips are available for hire in multiple sizes including small mini 2 cubic yard skips to larger builders skips 8 cubic yards. A full range of cheap and affordable skips is available from 2- 16 including roll on roll off 20 yards and 40 yards.

At Waste King we are fully committed to making sure we offer all our customers the best and cheap skip hire prices together with our high level of customer service. It doesn’t matter if you need our skips for a small domestic job or a larger commercial project, we can provide competitive and cheap quotes for your skip hire requirements. Our highly trained customer service team can also advise on exactly the right product for you based on your skip hire needs making sure you don’t pay for space you don’t need.

Our Skip Hire Sizes

How our skips measure up…

Here you can see our wide range of skip sizes, the amount of space they take up and the approximate amount of waste they can contain. We give a suggestion of when you might want to use each size of skip too.
2 Cubic Yard Mini SkipHeight 2’2″
Length 5′
Width 5′
30Small house and garden clear-ups when there is too much waste to be conveniently taken in your car to the tip
4 Cubic Yard Midi SkipHeight 3’2″
Length 6′
Width 4’3″
35Kitchen or bathroom refurbishment and mixed builder’s type waste
6 Cubic Yard Midi SkipHeight 4′
Length 8’6″
Width 5′
55Bulky items and will hold a substantial amount of builder’s rubble, soil, stones and other construction waste. Popular with the building industry
8 Cubic Yard Medium Builders SkipHeight 4′
Length 12′
Width 5’6″
70Heavy construction waste or general domestic projects. This skip is also one of the most common skips used
10 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip (Large Builders)Height 4’11
Length 12’3″
Width 5’10”
100House clear-outs and bulky waste such as sofas and wardrobes
12 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip (Large Builders)Height 5’6
Length 12’2
Width 5’10
110Large building works or commercial waste. Great for large house clearance waste
14 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip (Large Builders)Height 5’11
Length 13’5
Width 5’9
130Large scale office or home clearance with bulky waste such as furniture
16 Cubic Yard Maxi Skip (Large Builders)Height 6’7
Length 14’1
Width 5’9
150Large house clearances with bulky waste such as furniture and large amounts of light construction waste such as wood, metal or plastics
20 Cubic Yard Roll on Roll Off ContainerHeight 4’3
Length 20′
Width 7’9
200Usually for trade use; ideal for very large shop fitter jobs, large amounts of light construction waste

Additional Skip Hire Details

Skip permits are required by law, if you want to place a skip on any public road or pavement. A skip permit is sometimes called a skip licence, but are the same thing. If you do fail to get a permit then your skip can be removed before you have filled it and you are likely to be fined. You do not need a permit if you put want to put your skip on private land, such as your driveway or field.

Contact the council

Skip permits are issued by councils not your skip hire company. The majority of councils allow your skip hire company to apply for a permit on your behalf although a few may require you to order it direct, we will be able to advise you on this. On average it can take 3 or 4 days to arrange a permit, so if you are hiring a skip for the road, remember to allow some extra time for this when planning your waste removal. If you do not have the time to wait for a permit, you may wish to contact us about our man and van teams for fast waste removal.

Prices vary across the UK

Charges for skip permits do vary according to your location in the UK and the length of time you need to have your skip on the road. Councils normally issue them for one to two weeks and then this can be extended, obviously for an additional charge. The average cost of a skip license is normally around £27. You may find that your skip hire company adds a little on to there costs in organising the permit on your behalf, remember you can always organise this yourself.

Parking suspension fees for skips

You may also need a parking suspension if your skip is to be placed in a controlled parking zone (CPZ), such as in a residents parking bay or metered parking area, then unfortunately you will need to pay parking bay suspension fees on top of your skip hire and permit fees. These vary dramatically from council to council. In some parts of London for example, they can be as much as £70 per day, but others can be completely free of charge.

Skip Hire FAQs

Depending on the size you hire and area and the price can vary. We always have low-cost skips available, and you can book online. The larger the skip you hire, the better the value

Prohibited items can incur charges. These include

Hazardous waste


Fridges and aircon units





There are no hidden costs as we must communicate the charges to you. The most common charges for skips are listed below:

Over-filled skips ( not level load ) – You are responsible for making sure the skip is level load as you are hiring the skip container. If the skip is overfilled and unsafe to carry to the professional HGV driver may decide he can not remove the skip, and a wasted journey fee can be applied. It is a legal requirement that the load is safe to transport.

Wasted journeys fee – When it is not our error that the skip can not be collected, we charge a fee to cover the time and fuel of the transport. We always try to avoid this as we have rented the skip to another customer, requiring the skip off-hire. The driver may not collect due to the skip being overloaded or the skip is obstructed or blocked.

Skip permits and suspension – if the skip is on the public highway, we will need to apply for the license to place the skip on the road legally. Some areas, especially in cities with parking issues, require you to suspend a parking bay. This is a separate cost to a skip permit and can require an admin fee. We would recommend a man and van service to remove your rubbish as this permit fee can be expensive

All the costs change regionally and depending on the council. For example, some London councils charge over £150.

Other councils can charge as little as £40 per license.

The HGV driver commands a high wage, and the transport fuel can be expensive as the lorries usually are 18-ton trucks. The disposal of mixed materials can be £130+Vat per ton across the country.

There will be a transport fee and then we charge by the tonnage. The skip is weighed on a calibrated weighbridge.

The majority of the materials are no fee, but plasterboard in some areas are haulage and tonnage. Rubber matting or skips that are contaminated with hazardous waste or asbestos can be charged for haulage and tonnage.

We deliver many different types of sizes, from open and lockable. We even provide drop-down doors for those heavy materials in some areas. We even supply roll-on roll-off. Skips are identified through cubic yards or the name. The list is below:

2 yard skip Mini

4 yard skip Midi

6 yard skip builders

8 yard skip large builders

8 yard skip lockable

10 yard skip

10 yard skip lockable

12 yard skip Maxi

12 yard skip lockable

14 yard skip

14 yard skip lockable

16 yard skip

16 yard skip lockable

20 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)

35 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)

40 yard Roll on roll off (RoRo)

In some areas, 6 yards skip, and 8 yard skips for heavy material. These include soil, bricks, clay, glass. The lorry has a maximum weight it can carry legally. However, RoRo skips 20 yards can take a lot more weight, so this skip is your next size up.

Most driveways are big enough. If you can fit a car on the drive, we can generally get a skip on there.

If you have a large amount, you will require a segregated skip just for plasterboard. Some depots allow 10% bagged and placed on top.

Skips are great for many types of materials. General standard waste can be placed in the skip and is non-hazardous.

Electrical waste – in most cases, for example, washing machines and dishwashers, kettles, and toasters.

Garden waste – soil, rubble, junk from the garden, shed and garage items, tree waste and leaves and branches, man and van service, is perfect, and you can book online.

Construction waste – mixed construction, bricks, rubble, plasterboard, plastic, glass metal, wood

Bulky waste and household – furniture, house clearances, large items, beds,

Items are prohibited from skips: Unless we approve the item before the delivery.

  • Food waste
  • Hazardous waste
  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • plasterboard
  • Fridges and freezers

Usually, we deliver between 630am- 6 pm. We will struggle with precise times as traffic and jobs can vary. We can on occasions give morning or afternoon although we do say anytime during the day the skip lorry will arrive.

The skip will arrive on the day you book, and we struggle to give precise times.

We can swap the skip with a different size, although this will be applied with a transport charge. If the driver has not left the depot, we will not charge any fees. Alternatively, if you had a few yards leftover, we can supply a man and van service.

The skip will deliver on the council land, and we will need to apply for a permit which is an extra cost?

The skip will be delivered on your land or private land that does not require a permit.

The majority of skips are placed on the driveway and we can place the skip at the rear or front of the drive. Always asked the driver or team not to block any garage doors so you can open the door.

Once your skip is full, we can arrive with an empty skip and swap the skips over.

We require 3.4 meters wide to place the skip and drive through an area safely. Would you please make sure the area is completely clear before we arrive.

Most lorries are 18 tons, although we do have smaller 7.5-ton lorries for those restricted places.

The skips and lorries are very heavy, and we do not take responsibility for damaged driveways. If you have concerns that the driveway can not withstand a heavy load, you must place the skip on the road and apply for a license. Unfortunately, some driveways are not designed to take heavy loads. Alternately a man and van service have a lot lighter vehicle.

When a skip lorry collects a heavy skip or sometimes light, it places its rear feet down to stabilise the truck safely. The weight is compressed through the feet, and this is where the cracks or damage usually appear.

It is not our responsibility to repair drives. We would recommend a permit to place a skip on the road.

No, although you are welcome to do this at your own risk. This will always protect your drive unless the block break.

We require a full address, placement of the skip, any access issues. The more information we receive, the more likely the skip delivery is successful.

Some drivers do have the skill to do this. However, we must be informed before we arrive. The fence, wall, or bush must be shorter than 3 foot, and we do not accept any liability for damage as you have permitted us.

If it is not our fault, we do apply a waste journey. Skip lorries charge between £40-90 depending on the area, and Hook loaders for Roro are the transport fee.

Skips are delivered between 8 am and 6 pm Monday – Saturday, and some depots close earlier on Saturday. We can take requests for a time, but these cannot be guaranteed if you need a precise time and have a light waste stream our man and van service can be booked online

If you have low arches, cables, or trees, the driver may decide it is unsafe to deliver the skip. We need to know this before we arrive to save any wasted journey or send a smaller vehicle and clear the waste through our man and van service. You can book this service online.

It is not advisory to move a skip. They are heavy even when empty, and you could injure yourself. Also, the driver may not pick the skip up if it’s too close to an object.

A level load means you do not fill over the top boundary of the skip and overfill. It is unsafe to carry a skip on the road. The HGV Driver will not remove the skip if it is not safe to do so.

When you hire a skip, it is your responsibility to manage the skip. Unfortunately, other people can fill rubbish in your skip. You can place a tarp over the top of the skip to help deter fly-tipping or you can use a skip bag or man and van service.

You can email us to request a pickup at, or you can use our live chat on the website. We will also send you an automated email, and you can click the collect button.

How long does it take to collect my skip?

Our depots always try to collect as soon as possible to rent the skip to another customer. Although in some areas and peak times, it can take 1-5 days.

As long as we have access and the skip is not obstructed, we can collect the skip without you being home, although we require you to be contactable. The skip must not be over filled, and we must have enough space to remove the skip safety.

If the pickup fails, a waste journey fee will apply.

If the pickup fails, a wasted journey fee will apply. We always try to avoid this as the skip is most likely rented to a customer the same day.

The majority of our depots allow 14 days, and in the peak season, some depots only allow seven days. We will always try to accommodate if you require longer, although you must request this before delivery.

If the skip has a permit, it will be collected before the permit runs out.

It isn’t easy to be precise on times, and we do not give ETA (estimated time of arrival) for collections. Some drivers to call before.

We will always try to be the most competitive. If you had one material, we could offer a discount in some areas.

Yes, we have collected rubbish on Sundays although this will occur an out of hours surcharge and we need time to organise a team.

Yes, but a surcharge will occur for out of hours, and we need time to organize a team working hour structure.

We operate our waste transfer station. Most of the man and van operators have to tip their rubbish externally, which increases your cost. Luckily, we can keep our costs competitively for this reason. On some occasions, we do tip with other depots if the carbon footprint calculator advises this. The environmental agency and local authority manage all waste transfer stations. We also audit these sites to confirm up-to-date recycling rates.

We send you electronic waste transfer notes or duty of care explaining where the waste has been collected and where it will go with our full details. This is emailed to you once the collection is completed.

At Waste King, we have a solid commitment to recycle rubbish and aim to achieve 100% recycling rate. Our waste transfer station at present is 96% which is improving each year.

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