Tiger Clinical Waste Bags for Non-Infectious Waste

Our Tiger Clinical Waste Bags are specifically designed for the safe and compliant disposal of non-infectious clinical waste, featuring high-strength materials and clear labeling to ensure easy identification and handling in medical and healthcare settings.

Tiger Clinical Waste Bags

Tiger Clinical Waste Bags for Non-Infectious Waste

At Waste King, we understand that not all clinical waste poses an infectious risk, necessitating the separate storage and disposal of non-infectious waste your business generates. Non-infectious waste, distinguishable by its yellow and black bags, should be kept distinct from infectious varieties to mitigate contamination risks. This segregation ensures non-infectious waste is disposed of securely and recycled where feasible.

Utilise yellow and black clinical waste bags for the safe containment of:

  • Non-hazardous and offensive waste,
  • Empty colostomy bags,
  • Incontinence pads,
  • Nappies and wipes,
  • Gloves,
  • Disposable garments.

It’s imperative to remember that only non-infectious clinical waste is suitable for these yellow and black bags.

Often referred to as offensive waste, non-infectious waste, while not dangerous to human health, requires proper handling and disposal. Waste King offers a UK-wide delivery service for non-infectious waste bags to your organisation. Moreover, if your waste falls into the infectious category, we invite you to discover more about our clinical infectious waste bag solutions.

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Clinical Waste Solutions

Why do I need
Tiger non-infectious waste bags?

Even if certain types of clinical waste are not infectious, it doesn’t imply they can be discarded alongside your business’s regular waste. Companies bear both a legal and ethical duty to manage the disposal of non-infectious clinical waste properly. Employing yellow and black waste bags is a key step in ensuring such clinical waste is stored correctly within your premises.

Various organisations, ranging from hospitals to nurseries, might produce non-infectious clinical waste.

Ensuring the safe segregation of infectious and potentially hazardous clinical waste is vital to prevent contamination, facilitating its recycling or optimal disposal. This is particularly crucial since some non-infectious waste can be recycled, a process hindered by contamination. In some instances, non-infectious waste can be incinerated, transforming it into a source of energy. At Waste King, we emphasise the importance of responsible waste management practices to safeguard both the environment and public health.

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Our range of Clinical waste bags

Discover our range of
clinical waste bags

At Waste King, we recognise the critical importance of proper clinical waste management for maintaining health and safety standards. Each colour-coded clinical waste bag is designated for specific types of waste, ensuring effective treatment and disposal. Here’s a guide to understanding the various types of clinical waste bags and their respective uses:

  • Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Waste: Managed with purple waste bags, these are designated for waste materials that are toxic to cells, requiring careful handling.
  • Anatomical Waste: Red clinical waste bags are used for anatomical materials, including body parts and organs, necessitating secure and respectful disposal.
  • Clinical Non-infectious Waste: Yellow and black clinical waste bags are designed for non-infectious materials, ensuring they are handled separately from infectious waste.
  • Infectious Waste: Orange clinical waste bags are for infectious items that require treatment prior to disposal, ensuring they are handled with the utmost caution to prevent the spread of infection.
  • Highly Infectious Hazardous Waste: For waste that poses a significant infection risk, yellow clinical waste bags are utilised to highlight the need for stringent containment and treatment.
  • Dental (Amalgam) Waste: White clinical waste bags are specifically for dental waste, such as amalgam, to prevent mercury exposure and environmental contamination.

Understanding and using the correct waste bag for each type of clinical waste is essential for safety and compliance. Waste King is committed to providing the expertise and resources necessary for effective clinical waste management.

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