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Our Hippo Bag Collection services in Chinnor, efficiently handles the collection of your Hippobag. You don’t need to get HippoBag to collect your waste bag in Chinnor, we can do it for you. Just give us a call us, and we’ll swiftly collect your waste bag.

A Reliable Collection Service in Chinnor for HIPPOBAGs

Chinnor HippoBag Collection services

Waste King Ltd regularly collects HIPPOBAGs in Chinnor for convenient and speed waste removals. You can be assured that our team will recycle whatever is possible. That means no unwanted trip to the landfill!

We are able to remove and collect your HippoBag in Chinnor from any location, including inside your property, out front, or in your back garden, we offer a fully inclusive HippoBag Collection Service!

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HippoBag Collections in Chinnor

Suitable for garden or household waste, HIPPOBAGs are renowned for their strength, making it easy to get rid of many types of items. Coming in a variety of sizes, their largest MEGABAG is ideal for the disposal of bathroom suites, DIY and household waste. Our team is happy to collect them from anywhere on your property.

Please note, if you’d like your bag emptied rather than removed you would maybe prefer to use one of our Man & Van services?

HIPPOBAGs are a great alternative to plastic bags, and much more durable. Alternatively, you might want to use our Waste King Skip Bags instead. These are also highly durable and ideal for a variety of waste. Delivery of these bags is completely free of charge.

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The best HippoBag Collection Service in Chinnor

What kind of items are suitable for waste bags?

Waste suitable for these bags includes bulky waste like furniture, appliances, old kitchens, bathrooms, piles of garden waste, soil and rubble. However, they are not suitable for hazardous waste, like batteries, fluorescent tubes and gas bottles.

These bags are brilliant if you don’t want to hire a skip outside your home or business. You’ll also find that they’re much cheaper.

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HippoBag Collection FAQs

Are the Hippobags waterproof and strong?2024-02-25T10:55:39+00:00

Hippobags are made from woven polypropylene which is a strong and waterproof product. You can cover the skip bag with a tarpaulin if you want to reduce water getting inside.

Can I reuse my Hippobag?2024-02-25T10:55:56+00:00

Hippo bags are collected via a hiab truck and you are not able to reuse the bags as the waste bag is craned into the truck. Waste King Waste Bags can re-used as we collect through our man and van service.

Do I have to pay for a collection for a Hippobag?2024-02-25T10:54:25+00:00

You can purchase a Hippobag on its own meaning just the bag and contact a company to clear the bag when you are ready. Alternatively, you can pay for a collection as you buy a Hippo bag on the Hippowaste website. If you buy a bag at a local DIY store you will only purchase the bag.

How does the Hippobag compare to other alternative ways to dispose of rubbish?2024-02-25T10:55:17+00:00

Waste bag or Hippobag can cost more per cubic yard to clear waste although has many benefits.

How long do I keep the bag until it needs collecting?2024-02-25T10:56:40+00:00

You can keep the Hippobag if you require it for a long period of time. When the bag is full you can book your collection online or call the office. Collections are usually completed within 3 days.

How much does a Hippobag cost?2024-02-25T10:53:43+00:00

Prices depend on the size of Hippobag you choose? Midibag at £189.99 Including VAT is the cheapest and smallest but excellent for heavier materials like soil and rubble. The most expensive bag is the Hipposkip at £299.99 Including VAT or the Megabag which is priced in the middle at £219.99 Including VAT. Alternatively, Waste King supply for different sizes that are more cost-effective

Is Hippobags cheaper than skip hire?2024-02-25T10:54:54+00:00

The cost per yard varies compared to the size of the Hippobag you have. For example, our 6-yard skip averages £205 + VAT which is £34.16+VAT per cubic yard. The Megabag is only 1.48 cubic yards and costs £183.33 +VAT which will mean you pay 122.22 per cubic yard which a huge amount compared to our skip hire

What are the most frequent items allowed in the Hippo Bag?2024-02-25T10:52:39+00:00

When using your Hippo Bag you can place a vast amount of items inside the bag. Alternatively other Bag providers can remove more restricted items

What Can I NOT place in the bag?2024-02-25T10:53:01+00:00

The company behind Hippo bags is Hippowaste and they have a large number of items that must not be placed inside the bags they collect. If you place any prohibited items, the bag will be rejected for collection and a wasted journey fee applied. You can use other independent companies like Waste King to clear the bag or order a waste bag direct.

What sizes are the bags and are there any other sizes for bags rather than the usual three sizes Hippo Waste use?2024-02-25T10:57:15+00:00

Hippowaste supply 3 sizes we supply 4 Skip bags that are very similar to the bags Hippo Waste supplies. For example, we supply:

Where do I buy a Hippobag2024-02-25T10:54:04+00:00

You can purchase Hippobag online at the Hippowaste website or many DIY stores like Homebase/ B&Q have the ability to buy in-store or online. Alternatively you can purchase a Waste King Skip Bag

Where do I place my bag for collection?2024-02-25T10:56:20+00:00

Hippobag collects via a Hiab crane truck so you will need to place the bag within 4 metres of where the truck can park. Alternatively, Waste bags can be placed up to 10 metres or further away if required. There is an extra charge for Waste Bags over 10 metres from the parking.

Why can’t these items be placed in a Hippo bag?2024-02-25T10:53:23+00:00

Items like asbestos and clinical waste must be disposed from a licensed and trained provider. The disposal process is more specialist and requires different methods to dispose of the waste. Batteries although cannot be disposed of through the Hippobag.


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Top service
My wife booked a van to collect some building/garden rubbish, we got a phone call to let us know when they were 20 minutes away. Tom and Mo were brilliant, even the bits I thought would be to large or heavy were taken before I knew it, nothing was too much trouble and all done with a smile, will definitely use Wast King in the future.

Date of experience: 17 November 2023

Shaun Kane

Allround great experience
From booking to the actual waste removal all around this was a good experience. Speaking to the booking team was easy and everything was well explained. On the day the removal team called in advance to provide an estimated arrival time and the work was done in a friendly and professional manner. I would definitely recommend this service and will use Waste King again. Thank you!

Date of experience: 28 November 2023

Armin Hergenhan

Really good service
I had an amazing experience with Waste King!.
Transparent with the costs, contacted me when they would arrive – on tîme!! Darren or Daz was amazing, I thought the job would be problematic, however he was enthusiastic and no job too big!!

So happy with the service, Courtney , my contact was amazing and kept me updated and Daz being amazing on the day to clear my 10 years + of stuff in the garage!
Absolutely brilliant service!!

Date of experience: 14 November 2023

Gary Jones

Great Team
I tip waste as the site regularly now, The team at the waste transfer depot are always friendly and helpful. Great service all round, Bedfordshire Recycling would definitely recommend Waste king

Date of experience: 23 November 2023

Mark Key

Easy booking system
Easy booking system. Received a call to let me know arrival time. Everything cleared quickly with polite service. Will definitely use again and recommend to others

Date of experience: 29 November 2023

Caroline Barry

Great service from first contact to…
Great service from first contact to completion. Well pleased. Job done and dusted.

Date of experience: 05 December 2023

Jacqueline Shemmelds

Cost Effective – Fast – Professional

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