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Discover the ultimate solution in maintaining a hygienic and safe environment with our clinical waste bins, designed to securely manage and dispose of medical waste.

Clinical Waste Bins in the UK

Clinical Waste
Recycling & Removal

Having the appropriate clinical waste bin is essential in any setting where clinical waste is generated. This is crucial not only for hospitals and healthcare facilities, which must implement stringent measures to safely store medical waste, but also for beauty salons and similar businesses that deal with sharps, cosmetics, and other clinical waste types.

A wide variety of clinical waste bins are available, designed in different shapes, sizes, and colours to facilitate the segregation of waste for secure storage until it can be collected and properly disposed of. Utilising the correct type of bin is imperative to prevent contamination and mitigate the risk of exposure to infectious and hazardous waste materials.

At Waste King, we understand the importance of efficient clinical waste management. We offer a range of clinical waste bins at no cost – our services are structured so that you only pay for the collection of the waste. This approach helps ensure that your business or facility can manage clinical waste effectively and safely, adhering to regulatory standards and protecting public health.

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Effortless Recycling Solutions

What is a clinical
waste bin?

At Waste King, we specialise in offering a comprehensive selection of clinical waste disposal solutions, catering to the unique needs of healthcare and related environments. Our range includes clinical waste bins designed to securely store potentially hazardous, infectious, or disease-spreading waste materials. To streamline waste segregation and minimise the risk of contamination, our products include colour-coded lids, bins, or waste bags, each indicating the specific type of clinical waste they are intended to accommodate.

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse array of disposal solutions, from hygienic, hands-free pedal bins that enhance user safety to sturdy plastic containers, precision-engineered sharps bins, and robust clinical waste bags and sack holders. This variety ensures that every facet of clinical waste management is covered, promoting effective waste separation and ensuring that each category of waste is handled and disposed of in the most appropriate manner.

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Working With Businesses of All Sizes

Clinical Waste Bin Sizes

We understand the diverse needs and challenges in managing clinical waste. Our selection of clinical waste bins is designed with versatility and functionality in mind, catering to various waste types and settings.

Our range includes compact sharps bins, perfect for the disposal of needles, syringes, and scalpels. These bins are small yet essential, designed to fit conveniently in areas with limited space such as operating theatres, consulting rooms, or dental surgeries. Our pedal bins, known for their compact design, easily integrate into tight spaces, ensuring hazardous waste is disposed of promptly and safely.

For larger waste disposal needs, Waste King offers robust solutions such as the 240-litre yellow wheelie bins, specifically designed for the containment of infectious and potentially hazardous materials like gloves, bandages, and wipes. These bins are easily maneuverable, making them perfect for areas generating significant amounts of clinical waste.

Furthermore, for facilities such as hospitals and healthcare centres that handle substantial clinical waste, our 1100 litre wheelie bins are ideal. Capable of accommodating up to 18 bags of clinical waste, they play a crucial role in maintaining a clean, efficient, and hygienic environment.
Choose Waste King for reliable and efficient clinical waste management solutions tailored to meet the needs of your facility, without the hassle of managing hazardous waste buildup.

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Transforming Clinical Waste

What goes in a
clinical waste bin?

The contents suitable for disposal in a clinical waste bin are determined by the bin’s colour or its lid’s colour. At Waste King, our clinical waste bins are designated for the following materials:

  • Blood, blood bags, and other bodily fluids
  • Sharps, including syringes, needles, scalpels, and other sharp medical instruments
  • Swabs, dressings, and bandages
  • Sanitary products
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as disposable gloves, masks, and gowns

The colour coding of clinical waste bins is a critical factor in identifying the type of waste they are meant to contain, ensuring proper removal and disposal. The significance of each colour and the waste materials it pertains to include:

  • Yellow: For highly infectious waste, including contaminated bandages, wipes, gloves, and disposable clothing.
  • Red: Designated for anatomical waste, such as body parts, tissue samples, and blood bags.
  • Purple: Used for cytotoxic and cytostatic waste, including patches, medicinal vials, and blister packs.
  • White: Intended for dental waste, such as teeth with fillings, grindings, and capsules or packaging with residue.
  • Orange: For infectious waste like masks, aprons, and dressings.
  • Yellow and Black (Tiger): For non-infectious clinical waste, including disposable garments, nappies, wipes, and incontinence pads.

Waste King ensures that all clinical waste is managed and disposed of in compliance with health and safety regulations, prioritising environmental responsibility.

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Working with all types of clinical waste

Who needs a
clinical waste bin?

Organisations generating any volume of clinical waste, from contaminated wipes to used scalpels, are required to manage it responsibly by employing clinical waste containers. This applies regardless of the quantity, necessitating at least a small clinical waste or sharps container for proper disposal.

Waste King emphasises that not only hospitals, GP offices, and healthcare centres need to segregate and securely store their clinical waste, but various other businesses also produce clinical waste and must ensure it’s safely contained. Key sectors requiring these solutions include:

  • Hospitals: It’s crucial for hospitals to have clinical waste bins to manage the diverse medical waste generated through surgeries, patient care, and other medical activities.
  • Care Homes: Clinical waste containers are indispensable in care homes for the disposal of expired medications, personal protective equipment (PPE), and contaminated linens.
  • Tattoo Parlours: Tattoo studios must have sharps bins for the disposal of needles, contaminated PPE, and other items to maintain a safe environment.
  • Beauty Salons: Beauty treatments involving needles and scalpels necessitate the use of sharps bins, alongside other containers for clinical waste such as used PPE.
  • Dental Practices: Dental surgeries require clinical waste bins for disposing of amalgam, extracted teeth, sharps, and contaminated PPE, ensuring safe and compliant waste management.
  • Laboratories: The disposal of tissue samples and contaminated lab equipment requires dedicated clinical waste bins to prevent contamination and ensure workplace safety.

Waste King is committed to providing comprehensive waste management solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each sector, ensuring all clinical waste is handled and disposed of in a safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner.

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Disposing of Clinical Waste

Clinical waste disposal

At Waste King, we are dedicated to offering hassle-free and environmentally responsible clinical waste management solutions across the UK. We provide complimentary bins to any business in need of clinical waste disposal, charging solely for the collection service. Each collection is accompanied by a duty of care certificate at no additional cost, ensuring your waste is handled legally, safely, and with the utmost respect for the environment.

Choose the precise size and type of clinical waste bins that match your requirements. We deliver them to your doorstep free of charge. Simply fill them according to the specified clinical waste types and weight limits. Our certified waste carriers will then ensure timely collection at a pre-arranged date and time.

We offer flexible collection schedules to fit your needs, including daily, weekly, or fortnightly options, as well as ad-hoc services for unexpected needs. Our knowledgeable team is on hand to provide expert advice on selecting the ideal bins and scheduling to accommodate your operational needs and budget constraints. Contact us for a complimentary quote on our commercial waste bin delivery and collection services tailored for your business.

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From booking to the actual waste removal all around this was a good experience. Speaking to the booking team was easy and everything was well explained. On the day the removal team called in advance to provide an estimated arrival time and the work was done in a friendly and professional manner. I would definitely recommend this service and will use Waste King again. Thank you!

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I had an amazing experience with Waste King!.
Transparent with the costs, contacted me when they would arrive – on tîme!! Darren or Daz was amazing, I thought the job would be problematic, however he was enthusiastic and no job too big!!

So happy with the service, Courtney , my contact was amazing and kept me updated and Daz being amazing on the day to clear my 10 years + of stuff in the garage!
Absolutely brilliant service!!

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I tip waste as the site regularly now, The team at the waste transfer depot are always friendly and helpful. Great service all round, Bedfordshire Recycling would definitely recommend Waste king

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Easy booking system. Received a call to let me know arrival time. Everything cleared quickly with polite service. Will definitely use again and recommend to others

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Clinical Waste FAQ’s

What is a clinical waste bin?2024-03-19T12:40:30+00:00

A clinical waste bin is a specially designed container used for disposing of clinical waste materials such as syringes, gloves, bandages, and any other items that have come into contact with bodily fluids, ensuring safe and hygienic waste management in healthcare settings.

What color should a clinical waste bin be?2024-03-19T12:42:04+00:00
The colour of a clinical waste bin typically depends on the type of waste it is intended for. For example, yellow bins are used for clinical and infectious waste, while purple bins are designated for cytotoxic and cytostatic waste. It’s essential to follow local guidelines and regulations for color coding.
How should clinical waste bins be stored before collection?2024-03-19T12:44:06+00:00

Clinical waste bins should be stored in a secure, designated area away from public access and protected from environmental elements. The storage area should be clearly marked and comply with health and safety standards to ensure the safe containment of hazardous waste until it is collected for disposal.

How often should clinical waste bins be emptied?2024-03-19T12:42:46+00:00

The frequency of emptying clinical waste bins depends on the rate of waste generation and the specific policies of the healthcare facility. It is crucial to ensure that bins are not overfilled and are emptied at intervals to maintain hygiene and prevent the risk of infection.

How are clinical waste bins different from regular waste bins?2024-03-19T12:41:16+00:00

Clinical waste bins are distinct from regular waste bins due to their design for handling potentially hazardous waste. They are often colour-coded, sealed, and labelled to indicate the type of waste they contain, minimising the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Can clinical waste bins be reused?2024-03-19T12:43:26+00:00

Yes, certain types of clinical waste bins are designed to be reusable after proper cleaning and decontamination. However, single-use bins or bags are also common for specific waste types to reduce the risk of contamination. The choice depends on the waste management policies of the healthcare facility and local regulations.

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