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Empowering sustainability, our Dry Cleaning Waste Management Service revolutionises the industry by meticulously recycling solvents and reducing environmental footprint, ensuring your garments are impeccably clean while preserving our planet.

Dry Cleaning Waste Recycling Services in the UK

Dry Cleaning Waste
Recycling & Removal

The dry cleaning sector generates a variety of hazardous waste every day, posing significant risks to both human health and the environment. It is a legal responsibility for any entity that produces or possesses such waste to ensure its proper management, storage, and disposal. Waste King is here to support your business in meeting these critical obligations.

Expert handling and disposal of dry cleaning waste are non-negotiable. Neglect in the management of hazardous waste can lead to hefty penalties, damage to your reputation, and could even result in the immediate shutdown of your operations. With Waste King’s expertise, you can ensure that your dry cleaning waste is disposed of correctly and safely, safeguarding your business and the environment.

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Effortless Recycling Solutions

Dry Cleaning Waste Management

At Waste King, we are dedicated to providing top-notch dry cleaning waste disposal services across the UK. No matter your location, our team is equipped to assist your business in developing and implementing an efficient waste management strategy. This strategy not only aims to conserve your time, money, and resources but also ensures compliance with environmental standards. Our licensed waste carriers are responsible for the safe collection and transportation of your waste to the nearest disposal facility.

The approach to disposing of dry cleaning waste varies based on the waste material. Here’s an overview of how different types of waste are handled:

  • Hazardous Waste: This category of waste undergoes various treatments—chemical, thermal, biological, or physical—to ensure its safe recycling or disposal.
  • Cardboard Packaging: We recycle clean and dry cardboard by flattening it for the production of new cardboard materials.
  • Sludge: Treated sludge may be repurposed for agricultural landspreading, incinerated, or relegated to landfills.
  • Textile Waste: Contaminated fabrics and textiles are treated and then sorted for recycling into new fabric materials.
  • Liquid Waste: This involves the processing of wastewater and other liquids through methods like dewatering, sedimentation, incineration, composting, or solidification to mitigate environmental impact.

Recognising that each dry cleaning business has unique waste disposal requirements, Waste King’s specialists provide personalised assessments. Our goal is to identify the most effective and economical waste management solutions tailored to the specific types, volumes, and disposal frequencies of your waste. Trust us to streamline your dry cleaning waste disposal process, aligning with both your business needs and environmental responsibilities.

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Dry Cleaning Waste Removal Services in the UK

Dry Cleaning Waste Storage

Waste King offers your business tailored solutions for the secure storage of dry cleaning waste, accommodating a variety of waste types directly on your premises. We provide complimentary bin delivery to locations throughout the UK, with charges applied solely for collection services. Our expert collection teams are fully trained and certified in the management of hazardous waste, ensuring your waste is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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Transforming Dry Cleaning Waste

Dry Cleaning Waste Collections

At Waste King, we offer bespoke dry cleaning waste collection services across the UK, leveraging our extensive national network. No matter the scale of your business or its geographic location, we provide prompt service with licensed waste carriers. Our offerings include complimentary bin delivery and scheduled collections tailored to your needs.

Select from a variety of bin types and sizes to suit your requirements, all delivered to your doorstep at no extra charge. We work with you to establish a collection routine that fits your schedule—be it daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, ensuring efficient and hassle-free waste management. All we ask is for you to provide an easily accessible location for our drivers to facilitate smooth collections.

To cater to your business’s evolving needs, our service is designed for flexibility. Fill your bins up to the designated weight limit to avoid any additional fees and store them securely on your property. Whether you’re looking for multiple bins of the same type or a mix of different sizes, we’ve got you covered. As your dry cleaning business expands, our adaptable service scales with you, ensuring your waste management requirements are always met with the highest standards of service.

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Types of Dry Cleaning waste

What waste do
Dry Cleaners produce

Dry cleaning operations generate a diverse array of waste materials, among which hazardous waste constitutes the primary category due to the use of various chemicals and solvents in cleaning processes. Beyond hazardous substances, any waste produced by dry cleaning services is categorised as commercial waste and necessitates proper disposal. This encompasses not just the hazardous chemicals but also non-hazardous items such as cardboard and plastic packaging, all of which are considered part of dry cleaning waste.

According to the Strategy for Hazardous Waste Management in England (2010), principles have been established to guide those involved in handling, managing, and operating hazardous waste. It is imperative that only qualified individuals or entities, such as licensed waste carriers including businesses like Waste King, undertake the disposal of hazardous waste to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

Waste King is equipped to handle all varieties of dry cleaning waste, ensuring safe and responsible disposal. Our services cover the removal of:

  • Cooked muck
  • Cooked powder
  • Perchloroethylene (Perc)
  • Contaminated rags and textiles
  • Waste sludge
  • Filters
  • Separator water
  • Chemical cleaning products

Our commitment to environmental responsibility ensures that your dry cleaning waste is managed in a safe, efficient, and compliant manner, contributing to the sustainability of your operations.

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Easy booking system
Easy booking system. Received a call to let me know arrival time. Everything cleared quickly with polite service. Will definitely use again and recommend to others

Date of experience: 29 November 2023

Caroline Barry

Allround great experience
From booking to the actual waste removal all around this was a good experience. Speaking to the booking team was easy and everything was well explained. On the day the removal team called in advance to provide an estimated arrival time and the work was done in a friendly and professional manner. I would definitely recommend this service and will use Waste King again. Thank you!

Date of experience: 28 November 2023

Armin Hergenhan

Top service
My wife booked a van to collect some building/garden rubbish, we got a phone call to let us know when they were 20 minutes away. Tom and Mo were brilliant, even the bits I thought would be to large or heavy were taken before I knew it, nothing was too much trouble and all done with a smile, will definitely use Wast King in the future.

Date of experience: 17 November 2023

Shaun Kane

Really good service
I had an amazing experience with Waste King!.
Transparent with the costs, contacted me when they would arrive – on tîme!! Darren or Daz was amazing, I thought the job would be problematic, however he was enthusiastic and no job too big!!

So happy with the service, Courtney , my contact was amazing and kept me updated and Daz being amazing on the day to clear my 10 years + of stuff in the garage!
Absolutely brilliant service!!

Date of experience: 14 November 2023

Gary Jones

Great service from first contact to…
Great service from first contact to completion. Well pleased. Job done and dusted.

Date of experience: 05 December 2023

Jacqueline Shemmelds

Great Team
I tip waste as the site regularly now, The team at the waste transfer depot are always friendly and helpful. Great service all round, Bedfordshire Recycling would definitely recommend Waste king

Date of experience: 23 November 2023

Mark Key

Cost Effective – Fast – Professional

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Dry Cleaning Waste FAQ’s

How does your waste removal process work for dry cleaners?2024-03-16T21:14:55+00:00

We provide specialised containers for separating hazardous and non-hazardous waste at your facility. Our trained technicians then collect the waste at scheduled intervals, ensuring proper transportation and disposal in compliance with environmental regulations.

How often can you collect waste from our dry cleaning facility?2024-03-16T21:15:54+00:00

Our collection schedules are highly flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your dry cleaning business, ranging from weekly to monthly pickups, depending on the volume of waste generated.

Is your service compliant with environmental regulations?2024-03-16T21:15:23+00:00

Absolutely. Our waste removal service adheres strictly to local, state, and federal environmental regulations, ensuring that all hazardous and non-hazardous waste from dry cleaning operations is handled and disposed of in a manner that minimises environmental impact.

What types of waste does your service remove from dry cleaners?2024-03-16T21:14:29+00:00

Our service focuses on the removal of hazardous waste generated by dry cleaners, including used solvents (like perchloroethylene), contaminated absorbents, filters, and sludge, as well as non-hazardous waste such as plastic garment bags and hangers.

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