Ten things about tyre disposal

Ten things about tyre disposal

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They may not make the world go round but tyres play a major part in helping vehicles go round the world.

As such, tyres are immensely useful and worthwhile but, like all things, sooner or later they wear out – and, when yours do, you need to be aware of ten things:

  • You’re committing a criminal offence if you fail to dispose of tyres properly.
  • You’re not allowed to put tyres into a skip.
  • Skip-hire companies aren’t licensed to dispose of tyres – so they won’t accept a skip that has a tyre in it.
  • Only registered waste carriers – such as Waste King – are legally allowed to dispose of tyres.
  • Not all local councils allow tyres to be taken to the local waste collection tip.
  • Those councils that allow tyres to be disposed of at a local tip often charge customers a fee of around £3 per tyre for that privilege.
  • You should contact your local council in order to check on their policy about the disposal of tyres. If they don’t allow you to dispose of your tyres via the local tip, they’ll be able to tell you how you can dispose of the tyres legally.
  • Some garages and tyre fitting companies are able to take your unwanted tyres – but, again, will probably charge you a fee. Kwik-Fit doesn’t offer this service, but Halfords, for example, does.
  • Some specialised firms exist that will dispose of your tyres. Of course, they charge you to collect and dispose of the tyres but their fee may be worthwhile, compared with the time and effort you could put in to finding another legal way of disposing of your tyres.
  • Importantly, when you find a garage, tyre fitting company or other firm – such as Waste King – that agrees to dispose of your tyres, it’s your responsibility to check that they have an appropriate waste carrier’s licence and, so, are legally authorised to dispose of your tyres.

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