Skip hire prices rise through landfill tax changes

Skip hire prices rise through landfill tax changes

Waste King, an environmentally friendly company…

Skip operators and waste processing sites are seeing their costs continue to rise as a result of increases in the landfill tax. Introduced on 1st October 1996, the tax initially saw councils charged £8 per tonne for material deposited in landfill. This was in addition to the fee charged by the owner of the landfill – which was, typically, in the range of £10 to £30 per tonne of material.

Over time, the tax has increased – from £48 per tonne in 2010/11, to £56 (2011/12), £64 (2012/13) and £72 (2013/14). From April 2014, the landfill tax is £80 per tonne. However, the current landfill tax for inert waste – such as building fabric and excavated earth – is just £2.50 per tonne.

Landfill tax aims to encourage councils and companies towards developing a recycling infrastructure – principally by making the landfill disposal route an increasingly expensive and unattractive option.

This is extremely laudable from the point of view of safeguarding our environment and making life generally ‘greener’ and more pleasant for all living things on this planet. Yet, ultimately, consumers, companies and, especially, the construction industry will have to pay this rising bill because, among other things:

  • Skip hire charges will rise, since it will cost more money to dispose of a skip’s contents in landfill sites
  • Fly tipping will increase – thus damaging the environment – as people try to avoid paying the landfill tax, as well as the other costs associated with proper, professional waste disposal

However, if you have waste to dispose of, you have some options. These include:

  • Do you really need a skip in order to dispose of the waste? Some waste is not allowed – by law – to be put in a skip. You may not have enough waste to fill a skip. You may not want to go to the added expenses associated with hiring a skip – for example, of obtaining a skip permit and any parking suspension necessary
  • Is there any other way of disposing of the waste legally and in an environmentally friendly way? You may find that using a specialist waste clearance, collections and recycling firm – such as Waste King – rather than a skip will save you time, energy, effort and money. A truck with Environment Agency licensed staff is a lot less unsightly, less disruptive, cleaner, quicker and more efficient that using a skip to dispose of your waste materials. Moreover, Waste King’s staff will segregate the waste in order to ensure that the maximum amount is recycled and the minimum amount of the waste goes to landfill – thus helping the environment too.

A company such as Waste King will:

  • Save you time in clearing the waste, compared with the time taken to fill a skip and then get it removed
  • Save you money because it only charges for the amount of waste removed (not by the skip load)
  • Take away a wider range of waste materials than are allowed to be put into a skip
  • Be able to clear waste materials from any part of your property – so, unlike skips, there are never any ‘access issues’
  • Reduce the amount of landfill tax you have to pay because it guarantees to recycle at least 95% of any load of waste it collects – thus drastically reducing the amount of waste it takes to landfill
  • And, so that you can comply with the requirements of legislation, Waste King will supply you with a waste transfer note for each waste collection – be it per van load, skip or roll-on/ roll-off container – that’s made from your site.

Waste King ensures that:

  • Your waste disposal arrangements will comply with all current legislation
  • The maximum amount – typically over 95 per cent – of our waste is recycled and, thus, you/your organisation is ‘environmentally friendly’ as far as its waste disposal is concerned
  • The minimum amount of your waste goes to landfill, thus helping you save money by reducing your liability to pay landfill tax.

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