Hiring a ‘Man and Van Service’

Hiring a ‘Man and Van Service’

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How do I find a reputable Man and Van operator?

Word of mouth is always a good start. However, if you can’t get any personal recommendations for a ‘Man and Van Service’ try looking on Google.

You could even keep an eye out as you travel around your locality – and make a note of any Man and Van services you find.

How much does a Man and Van cost?

It depends on why you need a ‘Man and Van Service’.

If it’s to move something – or deliver it to someone else – most companies will charge you by the hour but you should clarify whether the meter starts running from when the Man and Van leaves the depot to come to you, or whether it begins when they get to you. Alternatively, you could agree a fixed fee for the job – but this means that you and the provider of the Man and Van Service both need to understand and agree exactly how much work there is to do and how long it will take.

If you need a Man and Van to transport items to a tip, you’ll have to pay a ‘disposal fee’ on top of the costs of travel and labour costs – since businesses have to pay fees to dispose of waste.

So, the cost will depend on:

  • What you need the Man and Van to do
  • The total distance the Man and Van has to travel
  • Whether they charge you the moment they leave their depot
  • If you need to dispose of waste
  • How the operator charges you – for example, charging one combined payment or making separate charges for each element of the job

While a number of Man and Van service providers charge you separately for each aspect of a job, other reputable providers, such as Waste King, combine all of the associated costs into one composite, easy-to-understand price.

Can I save money when hiring a Man and Van?

The best way to keep the costs as low as possible is for you to do as much of the work as you can. Organise everything you need to be taken away, making loading a quick and simple job. Maybe, to reduce time and labour costs, you could help to load the materials.

How can I spot a rogue trader?

Rogue traders don’t have:

  • Public liability insurance
  • Insurance
  • CRB certification
  • A waste carrier’s licence – which they’ll need to have if you need them to dispose of any type of waste

What alternatives are there to using a Man and Van?

If you only want to move things from one place to another, consider using an established removals company.

If you need any kind of waste cleared, you need to find a company which has a waste carrier’s licence – such as Waste King.

If you want to know how you can get the most cost-effective deal when it comes to collecting and disposing of all your waste, contact us.

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